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Ways to Find Enjoyment in Being a Caregiver

There are certainly many reasons to feel good about being a caregiver. After all, the care you provide may be keeping your aging relative living in their own home. However, some days being a caregiver is just plain hard and it can even be boring since there’s a lot of waiting around involved. On those kinds of days, you may feel like there isn’t much to like about the role. If you could use some ways to make being a caregiver enjoyable again, here are some ideas.

Find Things You and the Senior Enjoy Doing Together

One of the reasons you may feel like you’re sitting around a lot is that the older adult is watching television or doing something else and you’re just there keeping an eye on them. Instead of co-existing throughout the day, find out what interests the two of you have in common and come up with things to do together. For example, if you both like to cook, spend time making new recipes or go to a cooking class together. Watch cooking shows together on television and try making some of the foods you see.

Play Games

Consider finding some games that caregivers and older adults can play together. Games are a great way to pass time together. They have the added benefit of providing mental stimulation that is good for the older adult’s brain health. There are lots of different kinds of games, like card games, games of chance, strategic games, and even cooperative games in which you and the older adult work together to accomplish a goal? If you’re not sure what to play, consider taking a trip together to a local game store to find a game you’ll both enjoy.

Use Downtime to Engage in Your Own Hobby

During those times when you feel like you’re just sitting around while the senior naps or while you’re in a waiting room during their appointment, spend your time doing your own hobby. If you knit or crochet, bring it with you when you visit the older adult or when you take them to appointments. If you enjoy reading, try downloading ebooks to your tablet or smartphone. That way they are always handy when you find yourself with nothing else to do.

Engage the Senior in Reminiscing

Older adults often enjoy reminiscing, which means telling stories about their past. Caregivers can find this enjoyable, too, since it can be a lot of fun to learn new things about the senior’s life. To get them started, you might ask about a treasured object or an old picture.

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